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Ebola Virus Killed Liberian Doctor

One of the last known doses of the vaccine ZMapp- the experimental vaccine used in an attempt to treat Ebola, was administered to Liberian Dr. Abraham Borbor. He showed signs of improvement before his death on Sunday. The amount of variables between the care given to him and the two American doctors who survived the disease make it difficult to determine the exact cause of his death.

Dr. Borbor was the deputy chief medical doctor at the largest hospital in Liberia, he was given ZMapp to treat the Ebola virus but it was not effective like it was in the case of the two American doctors transported back to the US after being diagnosed with Ebola. Some suspect that the vaccine is not effective, but that the conditions that patients are being treated in distinguish how they recover, if they survive.

However, it was made clear that the ZMapp vaccine was purely experimental and not tested on humans. There were no clear results to prove that the vaccine is effective, it will be months before more of the vaccine can be supplied to others because all of the available drug.

Two other Liberians were provided with the vaccine, but no news has been supplied on their condition. A Spanish priest missionary priest was also provided with ZMapp, but he passed away as well. The only thing that can be done currently is provide volunteers with medical supplies to reduce their chance of transmission and provide the best care possible, but volunteers are vulnerable given that many don’t have the proper training to handle patients and the waste from the treatment centers.

To this day the Ebola virus has killed over 1,400 people, now including Dr. Borbor. His exact condition at the time of his death, it is only known that his health began to look up before his death on Sunday. Many are not convinced that a Ebola vaccine exists, even with ZMapp having been provided given the gap between the treatment of Dr. Borbor and that of the Americans.


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