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Ferguson Police Now Wearing Body Cameras

The shooting of Michael Brown on August 9th sparked an outrage that led to several protests and outcries, this led to police in the suburb where Brown was killed to be forced to wear body cameras.

Ferguson police began to wear body cameras on Saturday, following the shooting of an 18 year old that was unarmed. Each officer in the department will be using a camera that was donated by Safe Visions and Digital Ally, about 50 were donated. According to the company the cameras are able to record for eight hours and have a connection to a police radio interface.

Police officers were wearing the new body cameras during the protest march on Saturday, reporting high quality images. The shooting of Michael Brown caused a new wave of supporters of body cameras for police with the belief that the footage can prove that an officer is guilty of misconduct, or that the civilian has made a false accusation.
Body cameras for police has risen, approximately 1 in 6 U.S. police departments use some sort of body cameras despite some concerns over privacy. The 2013 study which involved California police wearing body cameras showed that the usage of such cameras cut violence and complaints, this may have caused other police forces to follow and now over 1,000 U.S. police forces have employed body cameras.


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