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Birthday Adventure: Part II

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I eventually had enough of the balcony and going back to the party full of strangers was a big no no, explore the building it is. I didn’t think I could get lost in this one building but after a corridor or two I was completely and totally lost. There wasn’t a person in sight and the only other sound aside from my footsteps was the occasional dog bark, I ignored that creepy fact and explored! Up and down stairs for what seemed like hours, and walking up and down hallways that looked the same got tiresome so I thought “why not try and get some fresh air?” I saw at least ten exit signs but none actually got me to the exit! I had no idea what floor the party was on so I just went up and up and up the stairwell. Too many stairs led to me to trying to find an elevator and lo and behold I found something familiar! Going up six floors took a long time and the groans of the elevator weren’t settling, my eyes wandered and found a friendly old Cheerio on the ground. At last I reached the top floor, I don’t know why I expected anything more than the same hallways I had passed floor after floor but at least in these there was a cement block between walls. The staircase called to me and good thing I listened because I found a door leading to the roof. There was nothing to prop the heavy door open with so I just snapped a quick pic from where I could reach while holding the door open. I of course documented the whole thing in a series of photos above, I did have my trusty camera phone after all. xx


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