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Saturday Adventure

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Another Saturday where I was dragged away from my laptop and WiFi, I’ll admit I was resentful at first but soon the beautiful view wiped my scowl away and another adventure was created! A walk near the beach with a constant salty breeze was just what I needed, and South Pointe Pier  was so gorgeous I stood there for an hour just looking over the water. A narrow pile of rocks creates a pathway that extends past the pier, I made my way through almost half of the rocks before I had a little mishap. The spiderwebs between rocks, glass bottles shoved into gaps, and the hot temperature of the rocks made me feel very Indiana Jones. After that little adventure it was time for Mexican food at Salsa Fiesta, definitely food fit for and adventurer ;). As the sun set I was making my way up the steps of the Airlines Arena to watch Disney on Ice. An overpriced bag of cotton candy and three flights of stairs later, I finally sat down. Still being an avid Disney fan meant that watching Ariel skate gracefully after Eric, and Woody attempting to rescue Buzz and the other toys was no chore; In fact it was probably the highlight of my day! By now the moon was high in the sky and yet I found myself walking through Bayside with my sister and cousin, of course a pit stop by Starbucks was a must, and then we were off to look at the small stands and make a trip to the Disney store. Most of the night is a blur of fairy lights, coffee, and laughter until 11 PM came around and it was time to head home and sleep (or rather browse tumblr).


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