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British Aid Worker Beheaded

A video showing an ISIS militant beheading British aid worker Alan Henning has been posted online, Henning was kidnapped last year on Boxing Day as he was delivering aid to Syrian refugees. The militant behind the beheading is believed to be a man dubbed “Jihadi John” by the British press.

According to a fellow prisoner, Henning believed that he was going to be released. He often laughed and joked with other prisoners. The morning after his interrogation when he was told to gather his things he cried with empathy, it is believed he was instead taken further into the prison system.

Following the same pattern as the other videos Henning reads a prepared statement blaming the British parliament for his murder as he kneels on the ground in an orange jumpsuit before the militant, the ISIS fighter condemns the parliament for their decision to attack the Islamic state.

After Henning is killed the video then shows Peter Kassig being threatened, kneeling in the same position with a caption of his name; this time the militant compares Obama’s strikes against Syria to him striking the necks of the hostages.

Family members say they are numb with grief over the loss of the 47 year old taxi driver with two children, his brother expresses his anger over the government not doing enough after knowing of his capture so many months ago. Henning is the fourth Western, second Briton, to be murdered.


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