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Florida Gubernatorial Debate: Opinion

The debate between Rick Scott and Charlie Crist was held today at Broward College in Davie, FL.

I was not by any means impressed with either Crist or Scott, but I thought Crist was the better public speaker. Neither really answered any of the questions, instead choosing to point fingers and talk about what they did in the past when my question was: What are you going to do now? The debate came off as juvenile, starting when Scott refused to come on stage due to Crist requesting a fan be put at his feet (prompting the hashtag #fangate to trend on Twitter), and ending when the Lightning Round was used to bring up the the drama surrounding the fan and request that Scott say something nice about Crist and vice versa.  The highlights of the debate are probably Scott almost not debating Crist over an electric fan, Scott’s claim that he “believes in traditional marriage” when asked about gay marriage, and Crist’s pun about having a bright idea while answering a question on solar energy in Florida.



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