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New York City Doctor Free of Ebola

Craig Spencer- the New York City doctor who contracted Ebola, will be released from Bellevue Hospital on Tuesday following treatment for the virus. The 33 year old had been working in Guinea treating Ebola patients there with Doctors Without Borders. On Oct. 17 he returned to the United States and began to show symptoms on the 23rd.

The hospital has confirmed that Spencer will be released, saying that he is Ebola free and poses no threat to the public’s health. NYC officials will discuss his discharge and Spencer is expected to attend as well. As a patient he received antiviral treatment and a plasma transfusion from Nancy Writebol who contracted the disease and survived it. Both treatments have been used on other Ebola patients in the U.S. and are experimental.

His diagnosis led to public health authorities scrambling to retrace his steps, he had been active in his days in NY which led to cleaning crews scrubbing down the restaurant and bowling alley that he attended, as well as his apartment. In response to the diagnosis, several states added new restrictions for health workers returning from West Africa. New York and New Jersey had the strictest rules added, including mandatory 21 day quarantines for those who treated or came in contact with Ebola patients.



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