Current Events

ISIS Beheads Another Hostage

A new video has been released by the Islamic State shows the beheading of American hostage Abdul-Rahman Kassig. He was known as Peter Kassig before converting to Islam. The video supposedly showed a decapitated head at the feet of a masked man. Speaking in a British accent, the man said it was Kassig.

The White House reviewed the video since its release on Sunday and found it to be authentic. President Obama called the killing an “act of pure evil” in a statement released while on board Air Force One. He also condemned ISIS militants and expressed his grief over the killing of Kassig.

This video was 16 minutes long and also showed the beheadings of alleged Syrian soldiers. ISIS first threatened the life of Kassig in the clip that showed the murder of Alan Henning in early October. The Islamic State is believed to be holding several other hostages. A recent New York Times report  revealed some of the hostages being put through torture such as mock executions and waterboarding.



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