Possibly Iffy Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s Thanksgiving on Thursday and I couldn’t be happier- after all that’s when I can eat insane amounts of food and not get scolded by my mom. Urrr… it’s also a time of thanks. This year things will go a little differently and maybe be lamer than any other year. Why? Because my brother has gone off to college (I couldn’t be prouder) and he can’t make it back home for Thanksgiving. I can only hope that the day will still be fun without my partner-in-crime. He’s who rolls his eyes at my horrible Thanksgiving puns but retaliates with his own just the same. He cracks jokes about how he’d rather be playing video games while smirking at my moms scornful looks while I back him up saying I would really like to get back to tumblr. He’s also probably the only  person that can joke about my gluten free diet through spoonfuls of stuffing and pie and only receive a playful glare. My brother and I don’t always get along but I’ll miss him at Thanksgiving this year.


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