The Future

through my colourful lens

The future scares me. Not knowing what direction this train of chaos-that is my life will end or what it will encounter terrifies me.
I always had a plan. Do good in school, go to an out of state college, go to law school and land a good job at a firm. Now it’s: just make it through the day. Responsibilities and expectations weigh heavily on my shoulders. School is no longer fun learning. School is a competition- get the best grades, get the most community service hours, manage a social life while maintaining a good grade point average. Basically-be perfect. One mistake- one less college to look at.
I’m not perfect. I procrastinate, I forget, I make mistakes. I could say I’m human, but that’s not the case anymore. Universities look for social robots. A robot that can bring the most fame and success to the University. I’m definitely…

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