The Facts on the Obama’s Announcement on the Cuban Embargo

The Harbinger

By Nathalie Mairena

It was Cold War hostilities that pushed the Cuban embargo in 1961. The embargo completely froze commercial, financial, and economic ties between the United States and Cuba, and thus it has remained for the past 54 years. That is until yesterday, December 17, when Obama said they would return to “normalized” relations with Cuba, unraveling years of hostilities.

Obama announced specifically that he planned to “normalize relations between our two countries” and he also wished to open an embassy up on Cuba’s shores.

The deal also calls for a trade in prisoners- the United States will give three of the five Cuban spies they have in custody in exchange for Alan Gross, who has been imprisoned in Cuba since 2009.

This is all 18 months in the making, with secret talks arranged between current dictator of Cuba Raul Castro and Obama.

Very few knew of what was…

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