App Recommendation: Forest, Stay Focused

Getting help from an app to stay focused seems counter intuitive but apps can actually help.

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A big problem I have when trying to study or do homework is that I’m always picking up my phone to text people or go on tumblr. Funnily enough, tumblr is where I found this app. The app- Forest: Stay Focused- is surprisingly free from the Play Store (which is good because I refuse to pay for apps). The whole point of the app is to┬áplant a tree when you want to work or study. It takes thirty minutes to grow one tree and if you leave the app or give up, the tree dies. The more trees you plant the lusher your forest looks. And let’s be honest, it’s a little heartbreaking to be notified that your tree has died. I decided to share this app on my blog because I know how many people also get distracted by their phone- not to mention how cute and fun I find the app- so I hope some of you find the app useful.



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