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Man Suffers Seizure Mid-Skydive

Christopher Jones- a 22 year old Australian- had a seizure during a skydiving training course back in November. Jones was accompanied by his trainer who noticed something was wrong when he saw Jones roll onto his back mid-dive.

The whole thing was caught on video showing the two attempts the instructor had to make deploy Jones’ parachute. On the second attempt the trainer, Sheldon McFarlane, was able to pull the ripcord while an unconscious Jones continued to plummet downwards.

With or without McFarlane, the parachute would have deployed due to an automatic device that would have activated once Jones hit a lower altitude. Once he hit around 3,000 feet, Jones says he gained consciousness.

Jones was diagnosed with epilepsy, therefore ruining his dreams of becoming a pilot. He hadn’t had a seizure in four years so he felt safe skydiving in an attempt to feel what being a pilot would have felt like. It’s unlikely he will be able to skydive again due to the incident that occurred while he skydived.


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