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Baby Survives 14 Hours After Car Crash in Utah

Lynn Groesbeck and her 18 month old- Lily- were involved in a car accident that resulted in the car flipping over into a Utah river. Groesbeck, 25, did not survive the crash but Lily was trapped in the car for 14 hours in freezing temperatures.

The car landed in a shallow part of the Spanish Fork River, leaving Lily hanging upside down in her car seat for approximately 14 hours. Part of what kept her alive was that she was strapped in correctly into her car seat and she did not touch the cold water.

A man who went fishing on Saturday where the car was submerged spotted the car wheels in the water and called police. The car was apparently not visible from the side of the road, preventing someone from seeing the car earlier. The night before, a man heard a crash but dismissed it when he couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

When the car was flipped over by rescuers and police they saw that Groesbeck was dead, while Lily was unconscious they could see that she was alive. Lily is now recovering from the accident and is expected to be okay.

Police still have no explanation for the crash but it is clear that no alcohol or drugs were involved. No skid marks were found where the impact occurred. Now that the car has been towed from the river, it will be searched for possible mechanical issues.


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