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Earthquake in Nepal

An earthquake with a 7.8 magnitude hit Nepal on Saturday, resulting in at least 4,000 deaths. This earthquake has been recorded as the worst to strike since 1934. The remoteness of the locations that required assistance paired with aftershocks have made rescue efforts more difficult.

Bangladesh, China, and India felt some of the effects of the disaster that struck Nepal. Nepal’s biggest attraction- Mount Everest- also felt the effects of the disaster, resulting in an avalanche that took the lives of 18 people. This includes American Google executive- Dan Fredinburg- who was leading an expedition team to take photos for Google. China has since then cancelled all climbs on Mount Everest for the rest of the year.

Aid workers have travelled to Nepal from around the globe in order to help the injured, help reach survivors, and dig out bodies from the aftermath. International efforts are underway; the World Bank Group and the Asian Development Bank say they will help in the recovery effort. The APB says a total of $203 million will be used for aid and rehabilitation. Many countries have also pledged money- including the United States who say they will send $10 million.

The people of Nepal have set up tents in the open, no longer having homes or being too scared to enter their unstable homes. There are concerns about there not being enough tents and food and water not lasting longer than this week. People are desperate to leave the city- by bus, car, or plane- and desperate for assistance.


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