Newspapers: A New Perspective

My journalism teacher gave my class the assignment of showing something in a new or unusual perspective. I chose to do my project on newspapers because of how much they show up in my life. Many people these days consider newspapers to be boring and outdated but newspapers actually have a lot to them. wpid-img_20150521_065635479.jpg

The school stairs are dull and boring when there are no posters to make the area more lively. Many students may think that newspapers are boring but they add a really nice, decorative touch to these dreary stairs.


How could people say teenagers have no interest in newspapers? Teenagers make the most of the school newspaper by using them to deliver messages. Outdated? Not given the bad phone service in the building.


Because of the internet and social media being so much quicker to deliver news these days some say that the newspaper is dying out. I doubt that considering that the internet doesn’t make for such a good head cushion or blanket. Not to mention that newspapers make for some good pre-nap reading since they don’t emit light- like cellphones- that will obstruct your ability to sleep.


I don’t know about you but I’d never swat at someone with a laptop. A newspaper however makes for a very good Cesar-swatter. Once you’re done (gently) swatting your friend when they have a “special moment” it’s nice to relax while reading about the new music streaming service- Tidal.


Given how much parents complain about how much time teens spend on their phones they probably wouldn’t be too impressed with you falling asleep with your phone on your face. Falling asleep after reading about the 2016 presidential elections? I’m sure they would be proud.


Newspapers are anything but outdated and boring when used so stylishly. Be cautious of using the school newspaper like this- people may steal it just to read about the student perspective on the FSA.


People will continue to say that newspapers are boring and outdated; that they’re for hipsters or pretentious people but as you have seen newspapers are very interesting and can be recycled in numerous ways. Pride yourself because you, an intellectual, read the school newspaper. Look how fancy they look on a coffee table.


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