What Is Happening with the European Migrant Crisis

The Harbinger

By Carolina Espinal

It was the outbreak that circled every social media platform, it was the wave that impacted countries worldwide and it was the global phenomenon that triggered an immediate call to action: the European migrant crisis- otherwise known as the European refugee crisis emerged from a surge of refugees and migrants coming into the European Union (EU).

The origin of the dilemma arose in the presence of a shipwreck in the Mediterranean Sea when five boats transporting over 2,000 migrants to Europe sank, 1,200 of them were killed. With the presence of war, poverty and oppression: an abundance of migrants, also victims of forced migration, have been left with a life-determining ultimatum—to flee their home country in search of a better life and potential asylum or to stay in suppression.

“In the face of growing questions about such small numbers, President Barack Obama ordered his administration to ‘scale…

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