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Bill Cosby Countersues Seven Accusers for Defamation

Bill Cosby filed a defamation suit against seven of the women who have accused the actor of sexual assault or misconduct. The countersuit follows a federal judge’s refusal to throw out the suit against him. These women are only seven of the over 50 who have slowly come forward with accusations of sexual assault or misconduct.

In December 2014, Linda Traitz, Therese Seringnese, and Tamara Green filed a suit against Cosby. Barbara Bowman, Louisa Moritz, Angela Leslie, and Joan Tarshis came forward with a suit this November.

It is these women that Cosby is now filing a defamation suit against. The 78 year old claims the women have made “malicious, opportunistic and false and defamatory accusations of sexual misconduct against him.”

While no criminal charges have been filed, it was revealed that Cosby testified— under oath— that he had bought Quaaludes intending to give them to the women he was going to have sex with. Quaaludes is described as a sedative and hypnotic medicine.



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