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Islamic Fighter from U.S. in Custody in Iraq

An American man was arrested and taken into custody in northern Iraq for fighting for the Islamic State. He was arrested by a Kurdish officer after he left territory controlled by IS. According to two Kurdish officers, one who arrested him, the man appeared to be escaping the Islamic State and Kurdish forces.

Peshmerga fighters opened fire on the fighter near the frontline in the Golat village where he turned himself in. According to Reuters, Captain Daham Khalaf said he was spotted in long grass around dawn but was surrounded once the sun rose. He was described as having a beard and wearing black.

According to General Hashim Sitei, the American didn’t have a passport but carried an American driving license which named the man as Khweis Mohammed Jamal from Alexandria, Virginia. The two officers said Jamal was found unarmed, only carrying three mobile phones, and said that his father was Palestinian and his mother from Iraq.

The State Department has said it’s aware of the reports on the American fighting for the Islamic State.


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