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Goodbye Summer, it’s been good

I know that there are three days of summer vacation left but it’s time to say goodbye as I make preparations for the first day of school. This year will probably be the hardest transition from summer to school because it’s been a really good summer.

School means that there’s no more of a lot of things:

  • going to the latest movie possible and going for milkshakes afterwards so we can stay out as late as possible.
  • driving around aimlessly at two a.m.
  • staying up until three in the morning talking to close friends (you know who you are).
  • staying up until the sun rises to finish 81 chapter stories because “how can I sleep without knowing what happens next?”.
  • staying up until five a.m. because inspiration hit and I want to write.
  • no poetry nights or “guess the lyric” games with close friends (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) at “unreasonable” hours.

To summarize, I’m going to miss having the opportunity to stay up as late as possible and enjoy the peace and quiet of the nighttime and act on being a night owl without there being repercussions because I have to wake up at six a.m.

While the daytime has been spent binge-watching Netflix and YouTube, reading perhaps a little too much, and sleeping, the nighttime is when I had the most fun and freedom. That’s what I’m going to miss the most.

Goodbye summer,
it’s been good.


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