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Christmas Decorations Shouldn’t be on Display Right After Halloween

It was Halloween— candy was being passed out, people were dressed in their best costumes, and parties were in full swing. Yet, walking through the mall and several different shops, one might say it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

On Halloween, retail workers were already tearing down spooky decorations and drawing Christmas trees on windows and clearing aisles out to make space for red and green themed decorations, ignoring the fact that Halloween is a very real holiday in the hearts of many people.

By the end of the first week of November, Christmas displays greet you at the front of every store and aisles are dedicated to decorations for the holiday, leaving only a small amount of space for Thanksgiving themed decorations.

The United States was weeks away from celebrating Thanksgiving (and even more weeks away from the jolliest holiday) but stores have decided that money comes first and bypassed the day of thanks and gratitude instead of letting people focus on an equally important holiday.

While it is true that Christmas is a great time, from peppermint mocha lattes to ugly Christmas sweaters, it’s time to remember that the holiday season includes Thanksgiving. The holidays are about more than sales and decorating, they are the time of spending time with loved ones and trying to avoid gaining ten pounds with pie alone.

There is no point in plastering snowmen wearing top hats or reindeer with red noses all over stores so early. People will still celebrate Christmas and need to purchase decorations because, given the way the calendar functions, December 24 and 25 will always come around.

With the way time seems to fly by so quickly, no one really wants to skip past those important moments between now and the end of the holiday season. No one wants to see twinkling lights and artificial pine trees at every corner when they haven’t even gotten a taste of stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Most shoppers aren’t ready to deck the halls until after Thanksgiving regardless of how early Christmas decorations fill the shelves— there is no need for Christmas in July to be an actual thing. Cartoon turkeys, wreaths made from yellow and orange leaves, and fake cornucopias will suffice until it’s time for jolly old St. Nick.

So next year, when people are still out trick-or-treating, the baubles and tinsel should be kept in storage until it’s a little closer to Christmas.


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