To Class of 2017

Class of 2017, it has been a long four years.

We have survived countless exams, classes that seemed to last forever, and the frantic race to meet graduation requirements. But most importantly, we have survived all of our worst days, and we have made it to this moment— this moment that we have looked forward to since watching our first movie about the ~high school experience~.

Now though, we can’t help but look back at those defining moments in the last four years. There are the monumental relationships, and monumental breakups. The first test you failed and cried over, and the first class you failed and now laugh about. There are the shared experiences, the times you felt alone in your struggles, and the people who made you realize you weren’t.

For me, the last four years have been a series of routines: wake up to an alarm ringtone I quickly grew to hate, get ready, take that first sip of coffee to feel somewhat like a person, get to school, get through the day, get home, take a nap, do homework, get ready for bed, set the alarm, go to sleep, and do it over and over again.

I have measured days in class periods, counting down to my favorite class, to lunch time, to the end of the day. I have measured weeks in days, counting down to Friday, the weekend, the next day off. And I have measured years in months, counting down to holiday breaks, a month closer to senior year, a month closer to graduation.

And now, it is over. I have nothing left to measure or maybe I have to learn a different way to measure the days. Either way, I have counted down to this day not realizing that there would be things left behind, people left behind, and moments (broken down to the second) that I would never get to experience again. So, heading into a new chapter of life, I hope all of us remember not to measure life in class periods, semesters, or an ever-growing pile of debt, but in good moments and time shared with people important to us.

While the idea of graduating is tinged with sadness over these things we will never again experience, and fear over the things we will soon experience for the first time, it is exciting, and for most of us it means never having to see calculus again.

Graduation also means that most of us won’t ever see each other again, so goodbye Class of 2017, most of you won’t remember me and I won’t remember most of you but I hope you are all successful.



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