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Meet Finch

This is my plant. Its name is Finch.
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#PhotographIt Day One

The #PhotographIt challenge returned, sending everyone in my journalism class scrambling to take a photo to match the prompt: “Diane Arbus said ‘A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know.’ Show me a secret’s secret.”

A secret about this photograph: there are three candles in the shot.

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My Summer Vacation in 12 Photos

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The Big 1-7

We had to celebrate my birthday a little early this year so that my brother could attend before he left for college the following day.

My birthday, day of birth, day I graced the Earth with my presence, is tomorrow.

I feel like every week I’ve learned something about life, the world, or myself and changed just a little more. I’ve grown a lil bit more bitter, rougher around the edges, and built higher walls, but, I’ve also learned more about accepting myself and having fun with the cards I’ve been dealt.

As a 17 year old (in just a few more hours) I’m still growing and changing and learning, something I’m really happy about, but I can’t help but get nostalgic looking back at easier times and thinking about how different I am from the girl who was 15 going on 16.

Still though, I am the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen.


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My Week at the Poynter Institute

This summer, from June 20 to June 24, I spent six hours each day at the Poynter Institute in Tampa, Florida learning from guest speakers and from my “classmates.”

Every day a new speaker would come speak to us, teach us new skills and inspire us, and give us an assignment. Whether it was a quick photo assignment or an essay we spent the week on, there was something to learn every day.

I had a great time being surrounded by people with my same interests in English, writing, and journalism and I wish the program lasted a few more days despite the amount of walking I had to do to get there.

Each morning I would leave the house at 7 a.m. on the dot and speed walk to the bus stop which would take me to the USF St. Petersburg campus. I would walk even more to the library and find a corner to sit in while I waited for the clock to hit 9:10 so that I could walk again to Poynter and be there by 9:30.

Walking to that bus stop I would hear birds tweeting, breathe in the fresh air, see the dew on individual blades of grass glimmer as the rising sun lit up the streets, and think “what the hell am I doing up so early” but I knew it would be worth it to keep walking (and it was).